Need For Speed: Carbon - Introduction Stage (PC Version)

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NFS: Carbon - Introduction Stage (Test Drive/Pursuit Evasion) (PC Version)

• After escaping the police in Rockport, the protagonist is now seen on his way back to Palmont City in the same BMW M3 GTR, having a flashback of a race against Kenji, Angie and Wolf which resulted in his departure from the city.
The former Sergeant of the RPD, Cross, makes a return appearance in his modified Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06, pursuing the player through the canyon, the chase leading to the player's BMW being totalled. It is revealed that Cross is now a bounty hunter.
Right before he can arrest you, the leader of the strongest racing crew in the city (Stacked Deck), Darius, appears in his Audi Le Mans Quattro forcing Cross to leave. A few moments later, the player's ex-girlfriend (Nikki) appears in her Ford GT, being unhappy with his return. In exchange for "being bailed out of a serious jam", the player must regain control (with the help of Nikki) of the different territories in the city that currently belong to rival racing crews, the main ones being: Kenji's Bushido, Wolf's TFK and Angie's 21st Street.

• Nikki's biography - Nikki is 19 at the time of the Hero's disappearance and 24 when he returns, but she changed greatly in the Hero's absence. He was her first big crush and when he left, so did her innocence. Although she subsequently got together with Darius, she is not entirely sure she made the right decision. However, Darius delivered on his promise to let her race full time: the only place she feels truly free and in control of her destiny.
She is an only child, raised by her mom, who is a construction foreman. Although they used to be very close, they have grown distant since she got together with Darius. She has a "father complex"; her dad left when she was a kid, and that anger still resides a bit close to the surface. She started hanging around street racers when she was a young teenager, and her first car was a '69 Camaro. She took it apart and re-assembled her first engine when she was only 10 years old, and her first job was at a local garage frequented by street racers.

One of those racers was our Hero, whom she had a major crush on well before they started dating. He broke her heart when he skipped town at the start of their romance - her affection was reciprocated, but Hero deemed her a bit too young. She has the making of a top racer, but where she really shines is tuning cars for maximum speed.

At the time of Hero's disappearance, she'd made it on a Crew as a Junior Racer (Muscle), but she was still on the sidelines most of the time or helping tune the crew's cars. She feels that she doesn't have anything in common with people her own age and she's very competitive, doesn't expect breaks, and she hesitates to give them out as well. Although she's self-possessed and tough, she is not yet fully aware of her power and beauty; she wants to be sophisticated, but is not worldly, and although Darius is her first real boyfriend, her biggest secret is that she was saving herself for our Hero.

• Crew Name: ATG
• Crew Member: Neville
• His role/speciality - Blocker/Fixer
• His ride: Mazda Mazdaspeed3 (Tuner - Tier 1)
• Benefits
- Race Bonus: Zone Heat does not increase after races.
- Career Bonus: +200 cash bonus per win.

• Biography: The Big Nev's wide girth discourages him from getting out of his vehicle, and once he's safely tucked inside, it takes a swarm of cops to pry him out. Because this has been known to happen from time to time, he has a particular fondness for running cops off the road. With his predisposition toward small, tuned-out cars, this man's size becomes all the more apparent. He's affable, a form of comic relief, playful, and mischievous - someone who may not be the bravest of all the racers, but who is doggedly determined to help Hero all the way.

Recording Software: Fraps
Video Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 11

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